Paul Lansky

Travel Diary, for two percussionists
video, 2009, Meehan/Perkins duo

1-Leaving Home & 2-Crusing Speed
3-Lost in Philly & 4-Phone Home

Travel Diary, is a kind of meditation on travel, particularly for those who don't
do it that much.  While not literally programmatic, each movement has
some characteristics that reflect the sense of its title.  The first movement,
Leaving Home, surveys the percussion ensemble, looking around to
see what we've packed for the trip, making sure we have what we need.
In the second movement, Cruising Speed,  we get onto the highway
or into the air and are on our way.  The third movement, Lost in Philly,
was inspired by a minor disaster I once had after packing my wife and
two small children in the car for a trip from Princeton to Los Angeles
and promptly taking a wrong turn leaving us searching for a way to 
get past Philadelphia (with the younger child asking 'are we there yet?').  
Finally, the last movement, Arrived, Phone Home, has some references to 
old signaling devices, horn calls, morse  code, and ends with a spirited 
feeling of relief to have finally arrived, only to sink into a relaxing sleep at the end.
Travel Diary was commissioned by the Meehan/Perkins Duo in 2007 and
first performed by them at the Round Top Festival in March 2008.