Writings by and about

  • The Rumpus Interview
  • James Baldwin Lecture: A Musical Conversation on Race
  • Wikipedia page
  • ICMC Keynote Address, Reflections on Spent Time, 8/18/09, Montreal
  • New York Times article
  • The Importance of Being Digital tART Lecture 2004
  • Happily Listening, from The Open Space Magazine, Spring 2001, pp.28-32
  • Interview with Alistair Riddell A Tuner of His World in Context, no. 15/16 (1998), pp. 33-46.
  • I Thought I'd Write a Song or Two
  • The Inner Voices of Simple Things: A Conversation With Paul Lansky by Jeff Perry. From Perspectives of New Music, vol.34/2, pp. 40-61
  • EIN: A Signal Processing Scratchpad, P. Lansky and K. Steiglitz, From Computer Music Journal, Vol. 19/3
  • Being and Going: for George Perle's 80th Birthday,, International Journal of Musicology (31k html file) (examples 100k), vol 4/1995
  • A View From the Bus: When Machines Make Music,, from Perspectives of New Music vol. 28/2, (Summer 1990), 22k html file.
  • An article, by Jason Uechi, archived, from his 'digizine' Soundout.
  • Context in the use of computers in musical composition by Andrew Brown.

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