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* = recording available --see discography

Solo Instrument (including percussion)

Metal Light 2017, solo vibraphone and small percussion set, commissioned Percusive Arts Society, pub Carl Fischer , 7 minutes

Spirals for solo marimba, (2013) 11 min pub Carl Fischer, commissioned by Lin Chin-Cheng , pub. Carl Fischer

Notes to Self, (2011), four preludes for solo piano, dedicated to Mihae Lee, pub. Carl Fischer *

Pandemonium, (2009) Three pieces for steel drums, com by Joh Quillen, pub Carl Fischer

Practical Preludes for Guitar (2007-8), pub. Carl Fischer

Idle Fancies (2008) six preludes for marimba with small percussion set. Consortium commission, pub Carl Fischer *

It All Adds Up to One (2005), suite in six movements for solo piano, pub. Carl Fischer 1st perf. Lisa Moore, Greenwich House, 11/6/06

Semi-Suite,for classical guitar, Editions New Rochelle , 1998, recording: Bridge Records available at *

Three Moves for Marimba, G. Schirmer, 1998, recording, Nancy Zeltsman, See Ya Thursday, Equilibrium 29. (score most easily purchased from Steve Weiss Music*

Dancetracks, for an Improvising Guitarist (computer synthesized tape, electric guitar) 1994, GrimTim Music, First performance, Tim Brady, London, Feb 18, 1995.. Recording: Steve Mackey, Bridge Records)*

Crooked Courante,Solo guitar, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: David Starobin, Newdance, Bridge Records 9084, 1998 *

Modal Fantasy (piano) (1970) publisher: Columbia University Press, NY, (1975) 20 pp. recording: Robert Miller, CRI SD-342 (1975) First performance by Robert Miller, Columbia University *

 Verse and Refrain for solo Flute (1966). First performance: Princeton, 1966, John Heiss (wothdrawn)

Piano Piece in Three Parts (1968), Publisher: Boelke-Bomart, Inc., Hillsdale, NY (1978) 12 pp. First performance: Robert Miller, Princeton Univ.


Small Ensembles

Walkabout, Saaxophone quartet, for Project Fusion. 2019, 16 minutes. pub. Carl Fischer

Windsongs, wind quintet, for Windscape, 2019. 17 minutes, pub Carl Fischer

Angles, 2017, vln, vcl, piano, 18 minutes, written for Weiss, Kaplan, Stumpf Trio, pub. Carl Fischer

Harmonic Gallery, for vln, vla, vcl, bass, vibraphhone, commissioned by Network for New Music 2017, 18 minutes, pub Carl Fischer

Color Codas, for two pianos, 2017, for Quattro Mani, pub Carl Fischero

Audacity, for 10 instruments, commissioned by Crash Ensemble, 2016, pub Carl Fischer, 12 minutes

Springs for percussion quartet, 2016 =,commissioned by Chamber Music America, for So Percussion 2016m pub. Carl Fischer, 12 minutes

The Long and Short of it (2015) wind quintet, comm Library of Congress, Chamber Music Society Lincoln Center, 24 min. pub . Carl Fischer

Talking Guitars (2014) two guitars, 12 min, pub Carl Fischer

Textures (2013) 2 pianos, 2 percussionists, commissioned by Hammer/Klavier, 30 min, pub Carl Fischer *

Book of Memory (2013) fl, hp, vla, commissioned Chamber Music America for Janus Trio for Janus Trio, pub. Carl Fischer *

Just in Time (2013) cl vcl,guit, 5 min. Comm by Curtis Inst. for Jordan Dodson, pub Carl Fischer

Partita (2011) for guitar and percussion, 19 min., comm Augustine Foundation, pub Carl Fischer*

Ancient Echoes (2005/2011) for the Richardson Chamber Players, fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno, perc, pub Carl Fischer

Horizons,(2009) piano, 'cello, percussion (vibes, toms, toys), comm. by Real Quiet,pub. Carl Fischer *

Comix Trips (2008) for chamber ensemble (fl,ob,cl,bsn,perc,piano,vla,bass), commissioned by Relache, pub. Carl Fischer *

Concert Aria for Robots and Violin Obligato (2008), commissioned by Ensemble Robot

Pieces of Advice (2006) five movements for Horn and Piano, commissioned by Bill Purvis and Mihae Lee, pub. Carl Fischer

Songs of Parting (2006), Baritone, Percussion, Guitar, written for Crazy Jane, pub. Carl Fischer *

It All Adds Up (2005), suite in six movements for two pianos, written for Quattro Mani, pub. Carl Fischer, 1st performance Quattro Mani, Weil Hall, 2/19/06

Minor Alterations (2005), for el. gt, vln, bsn, drumset, written for Clogs, pub. Carl Fischer , 1st perf, Clogs, Princeton University, 4/11/06

Ancient Echoes (2005), for perc, vln, vcl, clar, piano, digital delay, written for 8th BlackBird, pub. Carl Fischer 1st perf. 8th BlackBird, Univ of Richmond, 11/05

Etudes and Parodies, for French Horn, Violin and Piano, 2004, Editions New Rochelle, (available from first perf. Wm. Purvis, M Lee, C Macomber, Princeton Univ, 9/28/04, Recording: Bridge Records *

A is For..., arrangement for clar, el guit,vibs,vcl, piano, speaker, GrimTim Music, 2004, written for Bang on a Can Allstars, first performance, North Adams Mass, 7/24/04, pub. Carl Fischer

Ricercare Plus, for string quartet, (2 additional mvts for Ricerare, 2000), 2004, first performance, Brentano Qtte, Princeton University, 9/28/04, recording: Bridge Records , pub: Carl Fischer *

Follow Me, for electric guitar quartet (2002, rev. 2006), pub. Carl Fischer.

Odd Moments,flute, clar, vln, vcl, piano , written for Da Capo Players, pub. Carl Fischer, 1999, rev.2010

Six Years Ago, Monday, for Marimba, Violin, Tape (1996), pub Carl Fischer.

Values of Time (tape, string quartet and wind quartet) 1987. First performace: Aspen Music Festival, 1987. Publisher: Semar Editore, Rome.

Hop, Marimba and Violin, (1993) publisher: Schirmers,(via Steve Weiss Music) recording:BMG/Catalyst 62667-2, First performance, Marimolin Ensemble Huddersfield Festival, Huddersfield, England, Nov. 25.

As If (String trio and Computer synthesized tape) (1981-82)First Performance: Speculum Musicae, Macmillan theater, 1983recording:Centaur CRC 2110 pub Carl Fischer *

Stroll (tape, piano, flute, cello, marimba) (1988) Publisher: Semar Editore, Rome. First Performance, Flederman Ensemble, Sydney Australia, June 24, 1988. Recording: Centaur Records*

Serenade (violin, viola, piano) (1978) first performance: Henry Martin, ICSM concert

Dance Suite (piano) (1977) publisher: Boelke-Bomart, Inc., Hillsdale, NY, (1978) 16 pp. first performance: Robert Miller, Columbia University

Crossworks (piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello)publisher: Boelke-Bomart, Inc., Hillsdale, NY (1978) 27pp.recording: Boston Music Viva, Nonesuch H-71351 (1978)first performance: Da Capo Players, Carnegie Recital Hall

 Fanfare (two French Horns) publisher: Perspectives of New Music, vol. 14/2, (1976)

Affine Study (piano) (1972)

String Quartet #2 (1971, rev. 1977) publisher: Boelke-Bomart, Inc. Hillsdale, NY (1978) 21 pp.recording: Pro-Arte String Quartet, recording: CRI, SD-402 (1979) first performance: Pro Arte String Quartet, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison

String Quartet #1 (1967) First performance: Composer's Quartet, Princeton 1967


Percussion Ensemble

Springs for percussion quartet, 2016 =,commissioned by Chamber Music America, for So Percussion 2016m pub. Carl Fischer, 12 minutes

Textures (2013) 2 pianos, 2 percussionists, commissioned by Hammer/Klavier, 30 min, pub Carl Fischer *

Patterns (in wood and metal), 2011 for mallet quartet, comm by Eric Willie for Tenn tech , pub Carl Fischer*

Travel Diary (2007) for two percussionists, commissioned by the Meehan Perkins Duo, pub. Carl Fischer *

Threads (2005) , for percussion quartet, written for So Percussion, pub. Carl Fischer , 1st perf, So Percussion, Princeton University, 4/8/06 *



Contemplating Weather (2014) SATB, 11 instruments fl,ob,cl,bsn,perc,pno,vln,vln,vla,db. On poems by J Greene, pub. Carl Fischer, 34 min. Commissioned Western Michigan University *

Sharp Songs (2006/2007), SATB, commissioned by Hobart and Smith Colleges, pub. Carl Fischer

Folk Tropes, SATB, poems by Jonathan Greene, 2003/2007, first perf. Synergy Singers, Princeton Univ. 4/13/2004 ,pub. Carl Fischer

Three Campion Choruses, (SATB), (1992), GrimTim Music, First performance, Nemo Festival, Kantilena Koret, John Frandsen, dir., Nemo Festival, Aarhus, Denmark, Aug1, 1992.


Large Ensemble (including orchestra)

Five Views of an Unfamiliar Tune, solo percussionistoo and chamber orchestra, 2016, commissioned by River Oaks Chamber orchestra for Matther McClung 18 minutes, pub Carl Fischer

Touch and Go (2012) for percussionist and wind ensemble, commissioned Northwestern University for She-e Wu, 19 min, pub. Carl Fischer

Day Trips (2010), concerto for french horn and wind ensemble, commissioned by the Yale Band for William Purvis, pub Carl Fischer

Imaginary Islands (2009), for orchestra 3 (picc.)/3 (e. h.) /3 (Eb cl)/b. cl./2/contra; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (2), hp.; str.,comm. by Alabama Symphonypub. Carl Fischer *

With the Grain (2008), concerto for guitar and orchestra, commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for David Starobin , pub. Carl Fischer *

Line and Shadow (2008), for small orchestra, commissioned by the Riverside Symphonia, pub. Carl Fischer *

Arches, (2007) for string orchestra, pub. Carl Fischer *

Shapeshifters (2006-07, rev. 2010) for two pianos and orchestra, commissioned by the Alabama symphony for Quattro Mani and the Alabama Symphony pub. Carl Fische*


Electronic (computer)

Chatter of Pins (2006), electronic, text, pub.grimtim music, recording Bridge Records *

Composition Project for Seniors (2006), electronic, GrimTim Music, recording Bridge Records *

A Guy Walks Into A Modal Bar (2006), electronic-interactive, for 5 laptops, GrimTim Music, 1st performance, 4/4/06, Princeton University *

The Joy of F Sharp Minor (2005) , electronic, GrimTim Music , recording Bridge Records *

The Dust Bunny, animated cartoon, with Grady Klein and Ted Coffey 2004 , available here *

Music for the Same Sea, theatrical production, Paul Binnerts dir, first perf. mar 24,2004, Berlind Theater, Princeton NJ

Post-Pastoral, Handel Remix, for Canteloupe Records CA21020, 2003, GrimTim Music. Recording: Canteloupe Records *

In the Moment, 8-channels, choreography (and performance by Mark Haim), GrimTim Music 2002.

Alphabet Book: ABC,Countdown, Alphanumeric Song, Interesting Numbers, Pattern's Patterns, A is for..., Say That Again, As Thing*s Were, Um, Folk Song, GrimTim Music, 2001 , Bridge Records 9126 *

Labyrinth, 8-channel tape, 2-channel tape, GrimTim Music, 2000 *

Ride,computer, 8-channel tapeGrimTim Music, 2000 , recording Bridge Records *

Idle Chatter Junior, computer processed speech, GrimTim Music, 1999 , recording Bridge Records*

Heavy Set,Computer processed piano,strings, GrimTim Music, 1998, recording: Bridge Records *

Now That You Mention It,Computer processed piano,strings, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records 9083, 1998 *

Shadows,Computer processed piano,voices,strings, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records 9083, 1998 *

For the Moment,Computer processed piano, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records 9083, 1998 *

Honorable Mention,Computer processed piano, GrimTim Music, 1997

Andalusia,Computer processed piano and voice, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records 9083, 1998 *

Chords,Computer generated tape, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records 9083, 1998 *

Dancetracks: Dark Remix,Steve Mackey, Guitar, tape, GrimTim Music, 1997 , Recording: Bridge Records*

Same Scene, Nine Years Later, computer-processed speech, GrimTim Music, 1997, recording: Conversation Pieces, Bridge Records9083, 1998*

Looking Back, for tape, for the 60th Anniversary of the High School of Music and Art.1996,GrimTim Music, recording: Bridge Records *

Things She Carried, A computer opera. Text by Paul Lansky, Hannah Mackay, music by Paul Lansky, reader Hannah Mackay, 1995-96, GrimTim Music., CD Bridge Records 9076*

Still Time, (computer synthesized tape) (1994). GrimTim Music, re0cording:CRI CD 683. (New World Records) *

Memory Pages, (computer synthesized tape), Readers Paul Lansky, Hannah Mackay. GrimTim Music. 1993, , recording:Bridge Records, 9050CD. *

AshGrove, (computer folk song setting) (1993), GrimTim Music. recording: Bridge Records *

Word Color, (computer synthesized tape, Hannah Mackay, reader), (1992) GrimTim Music, recording:Bridge Records, 9050CD *

Listening-In, (computer-synthesized-tape) (1991) 7 folk song settings, (1992) GrimTim Music, recording: Bridge Records

 Now and Then (computer-synthesized tape) Hannah MacKay reader, (1991) GrimTim Music, recording:Bridge CD 9035 (1992) *

Table's Clear (computer-synthesized tape) (1990) GrimTim Music, recording:Bridge CD 9035 (1992) *

The Sound of Two Hands (computer-synthesized tape)(1990) GrimTim Music, excerpt published in Computer Music Journal, Vol 16, No. 1, Spring 1992, recording:Bridge CD 9035 (1992) *

NightTraffic (computer-synthesized tape) (1990) Publisher: GrimTim Music, recording:Bridge CD 9035 (1992) *

QuakerBridge (computer synthesized tape) (1990). Publisher: GrimTim Music, recording:Bridge CD 9035 (1992) *

Late August (computer synthesized tape) (1989). Recording: New Albion Records 030CD. Publisher GrimTim Music. *

Not So Heavy Metal (with Steve Mackey) (computer processed performance) (1989), Recording : New Albion Records 030CD. Publisher: GrimTim Music. *

Talkshow (real-time performance system) (1989) First performance: Paul Lansky, Neil Rolnick, RPI, March 23, 1989. Publisher: GrimTim Music.

The Lesson (computer synthesized tape) (1989). Publisher GrimTim Music.,recording: Bridge Records, 9050CD *

Smalltalk (computer synthesized tape) (1988) Recording: New Albion Records 030CD . Publisher GrimTim Music. *

Notjustmoreidlechatter (computer synthesized tape), recorded on Tellus, the Audio Cassette Magazine, #22, False Phonemes (1988) recordings: Neuma CD, Bridge Records, 9050CD. Publisher: GrimTim Music,*

just_more_idle_chatter (computer synthesized tape) (1987) recording: Centaur CD CRC 2076. Publisher GrimTim Music, Bridge Records, 9050CD *

Wasting (with Brad Garton and Andrew Milburn) (computer-synthesized tape) (1985), recording : Centaur CD CRC 2076. Publisher GrimTim Music *

Idle Chatter (computer synthesized tape) (1985) recording :Wergo Compact Disc 2010-50, Bridge Records, 9050CD.. Publisher GrimTim Music. *

Guy's Harp (computer synthesized tape) (1984). Recording New Albion Records 030CD. Publisher: GrimTim Music. *

 As it grew dark (computer synthesized tape) (1983) recording Wergo 2031-2. Publisher GrimTim Music. *

 Folk-Images (computer-synthesized tape) (1980-81). Publisher GrimTim Music.recording: Bridge Records *

Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion (computer-synthesized tape) (1978-79)recording: CRI SD-456 (1982); also excerpted on sound sheet, Computer Music Journal, Vol. 4/4. Publisher: GrimTim Music. CRI CD 683 (1994).. recording: New World Records *

Artifice (on Ferdinand's Reflection) (Computer-synthesized tape) (1975-76). Publisher: GrimTim Music.

mild und leise (computer-synthesized tape) (1973)recording: Columbia-Odyssey Y34149 (1976). Publisher: GrimTim Music.