Discography of Music by Paul Lansky

solo disks


Bfrdge 9532
Four's Compang, for guitar quartet
Angles, for piano trio
Spring, for percussion quarete
Colog Codas, for 2 pianos

The Long and Short of It, Bridge 9495
The Long and Short of It, Talking Guitars, Pieces of Advice

Spirals, Three Moves, Idle Fancies
Gwen Dease, Marimba

Contemplating Weather (2015)
Contemplating Weather (chorus and 11 instruments)
Travel Diary (2 percussionists)
It All Adds Up (2 pianos)
W. Mich. Univ Chorale, Birds ona Wire, Meehan/Perkins duo, Quattro Mani
Bridge Records

Textures and Threads (2014)
Textures (2 pianos, 2 percussion)

Threads (4 percussion)
Hammer/Klavier and Time Travellers
Bridge Records

Notes to Self (2013)
Arches, String Orch,
Horizons (trio,Real Quiet),
Notes to Self, (piano, Mihae Lee)
Partita {guitar and percussion, David Starobin, Maru Yoshinaga)
Line and Shadow Orchestra (Odense Sinfonie)

Bridge Records


Imaginary Islands (2012)
orchestral music, Alabama Symphony, Justin Brown, Quattro Mani, David Starobin
ShapeShifters (2-piano concerto)
With the Grain (guitar concerto)
Imaginary Islands
Bridge Records


Threads (2010)
Performed by So Percussion
Cantaloupe Records CA21064


Etudes and Parodies (2007)
Etudes and Parodies, for Horn Violin and Piano
for solo guitar
Ricercare Plus,
for String quartet
Available from Bridge Records, BRIDGE 9222

Music Box (2006)
Wordless, Chatter of Pins, Pavane Noire, On F, Two by Two, Composition Project for Seniors, B-O-B-O, The Joy of F# Minor, PassaKaglia, MusicBox
Available from Bridge Records BRIDGE 9210

Alphabet Book (2002)
Enhanced CD

ABC, Countdown, Alphanumeric Song ,Interesting Numbers, Pattern's Patterns, A is for...,
Say That Again, As Things Were, Um, Folk Song
Readers:Hannah MacKay,Paul Lansky
Featuring artwork and animations by Grady Klein
Available from Bridge Records BRIDGE 9126

My Cinema for the Ears
A film by Uli Aumueller
DVD available from Bridge Records


Bridge 9103 (2001)
liner notes
Sound examples
Idle Chatter Junior, Ride, Looking Back, Heavy Set, Dancetracks:Remix

Conversation Pieces
9083 (1998)
(liner notes)
Sound examples
For the Moment ,Chords ,Now That You Mention It ,Same Scene, Nine Years Later,Andalusia Shadows  

Things She Carried
Bridge 9076 (1997)
(liner notes)
Sound examples
Things She Carried, Things She Noticed,Wish in the Dark,Things She Remembered,Interlude,Things She Read,Everybody Heard,Things She Knew

Folk Images
9060 (1995) (20k jpeg)
(liner notes)
sound examples
Strut,Tender Ladies,Delia,AshGrove,Hammer,Barbara Allen,Howl,Pine Ridge,Wayfaring Stranger,Pretty Polly,Blue Wine,Motherless Child

Fantasies and Tableaux
CRI 683 (1994) (25k jpeg)
(liner notes)
sound examples

Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion
Still Time
New World Records

More Than Idle Chatter
Bridge 9050 (1994) (26k jpeg)
(liner notes)
sound samples
Idle Chatter,Word Color ,just_more_idle_chatter,The Lesson,Notjustmoreidlechatter,Memory Pages

Bridge 9035 (1992) (33k jpeg)
(liner notes)
Sound examples
Table's Clear,Night Traffic,Now and Then,Quakerbridge,The Sound of Two Hands

New Albion 030 (1990) (54k jpeg)
(liner notes)
Smalltalk,Guy's Harp,Late August,Not So Heavy Metal

CDs available at the usual places, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc

Single pieces included in various collection/anthology CDs

The Icarus Quartet
Furious Artisans Records

Horn Trios

Etudes and Parodies
Leslie Norton Trio
Good Child Music

Out of the Blue
Quattro Mani
Bridge Records 9496

Book of Memory
Janus Trio
New Focus Recordings

Without Limits
Adam Brown Guitar
3 movements from Semi-Suite

Comix Trips
Available on iTunes, Meyer-Media

Partita (guitar and percussion)
Bridge Records

University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble

Songs of Parting
guitar, percussion. baritone
Bridge Records

Travel Diary
Meeham/Perkins Duo
Bridge Records

With the Grain
guiitar concerto
Bridge Records

Threads mvts 1 and 3 (Haltom High School Percussion Ensemble!)

Hop, for violin and piano
Percussive Counterpoint, Svet Stoyanov


Chatter of Pins
on Crosstalk
Bridge Records, 9260


It All Adds Up
6 Preludes for Two Pianos

Quattro Mani
Kindred Spirits, Bridge Records 9260

Family Album,
David Starobin Guitar, Bridge Records 9329


Messiah Remix, Canteloupe Records, CA21020

Shameless Sarabande, from Semi-Suite
David Starobin, New Music With Guitar, Volune Six
Bridge Records 9144

Putative Prelude, Shameless Saraband, from Semi-Suite
Dan Trueman and Monica Mugan, Azealea City Records, 2004

Her Song, from Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion
on Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music, 1948-1980, Ellipsis Arts Records, 2000

Three Moves for Marimba,
Nancy Zeltsman (See Ya Thursday), Equilibrium EQ29;

Crooked Courante
, for solo guitar, David Starobin, (Newdance), Bridge 9084

Dancetracks (guitar and tape): Steve Mackey Bridge 9065 (Lost and Found)

Hop (marimba and violin): Marimolin BMG/Catalyst 62667-2 (Combo Platter)

Stroll (chamber ensemble and computer): Centaur CRC 2213 (Composer in the Computer Age III)

As If (string trio and computer): Centaur CRC 2110 (Virtuoso in the Computer Age I )

just_more_idle_chatter, Wasting: Centaur CRC 2076 (Inner Voices)

Notjustmoreidlechatter: Neuma 450-73 (Electro-Acoustic I)

Idle chatter: Wergo 2010-50 (New Computer Music)

As it grew dark: Wergo 2031-2 (Computer Music Currents, 11)

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Single pieces included in various collection/anthology LPs

  • Modal Fantasy (piano) (1970): CRI SD-342 (1975)
  • String Quartet #2 (1971, rev. 1977): Pro-Arte String Quartet: CRI SD-402
  • mild und leise (1973) recording: Columbia-Odyssey Y34149
  • Crossworks: Nonesuch H-71351
  • Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion: CRI SD-456


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