Random photos

1966, with the Dorian Quintet

Moscow, 1987, Paul Lansky with Oliver Lake and David Van Tieghem

Moscow, 1987, under the shadow of DS

Moscow, 1987, Paul Lansky with the late Lepo Sumera

Moscow, 1987, Paul Lansky with David Van Tieghem and Ted Levin

Paul Lansky with Charles Dodge, ASCAP, 1989

Stanford, 1991, Paul Lansky with Theremin, Chris Chafe and Victor Komorof

Paul Lansky with John Chowning and Bob Moog, Stanford, 1991,

CCARMA/Theremin visit, 1991
(standing from left, John Chowning, Bob Moog, Paul Lansky, David Wessel, Roger Lind, Dave Smith, Don Buchla, ???, Tom Oberheim, Victor Karamov
seated, from left, David Jaffe, Lev Theremin, Max Mathews, Theremin's granddaughter, Andy Schloss)

Princeton, around 1992, either Milton Babbitt's or Paul Lansky's birhday

Paul Lansky with Mort Subotnick, Tanya Leon, John Duffy, ASCAP, 2000

Paul Lansky at Flordia Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2002

At Florida electroacoustig Music Festival, 2002

with George Perle, NYC, 2002

with Virgil Moorefield, Princeton, 2002